100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair

By Upton Sinclair

The ebook has no illustrations or index. dealers are entitled to a loose trial club within the common Books membership the place they could choose from greater than one million books at no cost. matters: Literary Collections / normal; Fiction / Political; Fiction / replacement historical past;

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Gasped Peter, starting back. "Ada Ruth just told me. Sadie found a note when she got home. " cried Peter, in horror. " 100%: The Story of a Patriot 39 And horrified and stunned as Peter was, there was something inside him that drew a deep breath of relief. Little Jennie had kept her promise! Peter was, safe! Section 27 Yes, Peter was safe, but it bad been a close call, and he still had painful scenes to play his part in. He had to go back to the Todd home and meet the frantic Sadie, and weep and be horrified with the rest of them.

Mac" got him off in a corner, and put his fist under his nose, and told him that he was "a dirty hound," and if it hadn't been for the Goober case, he, "Mac," would kill him without a moment's concern. 100%: The Story of a Patriot 40 And Peter did not dare open his mouth; the look on the Irishman's face was so fierce that he was really afraid for his life. God, what a hateful lot these Reds were! And now here was Peter with the worst one of all against him! From now on his life would be in danger from this maniac Irishman!

Anybody who got in, and who voted right, might be sure of an income for life, to say nothing of a life-job as a juror if he wanted it. Peter happened to be in court while the talesmen were being questioned. A very charming and petite brunette--what Peter described as a "swell dresser"--was on the stand, and was cleverly trying to satisfy both 100%: The Story of a Patriot 43 sides. She knew nothing about the case, she had never read anything about it, she knew nothing and cared nothing about social problems; so she was accepted by the prosecution.

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