A Celebration of Sex After 50 by Douglas E. Rosenau

By Douglas E. Rosenau

A party of intercourse After 50 solutions particular, usually unasked questions about sexual themes, offers distinct thoughts and behavioral abilities for deepening sexual excitement and intimate companionship, and addresses different matters dealing with older including:

the general results of aging

common scientific difficulties and solutions

erectile functionality and using Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis

the results of different medicines on sexuality

postmenopause and estrogen replacement

prostate disorders

minimizing the effect of assorted illnesses on sexual function

overcoming roadblocks to intimacy

reviving and maintaining sexual desire

physical and emotional sexual fitness

finding support

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This point is useful when exploring the overlaps between subsistence and consumption-based relationships among professional girlfriends who use bodily capital (Bernstein 2007; Hoang 2011b) accumulated from their primary ‘sponsors’ to secure relations with other – usually younger and less wealthy (or less generous) – partners. As mentioned above, and will be elaborated as the book progresses, I interpret transactional sex to mean, in its most basic extraction, sex that is materially motivated. I have found Hunter’s research to be an important model with which to consider the actions of professional girlfriends in the Cambodian context.

Romance, sex and pragmatism In hybrid and transnational sexual landscapes of urban South East Asia (and throughout the rest of the world), there exists a problematic occurring when intersecting and contradictory meanings of love, desire, romance and pragmatic concerns collide in the third space, leaving the culturally entangled participants struggling with confusion, expectations and misinterpretations. In reference to the Thai sex industry, anthropologist Annette Hamilton (1997) explains: ‘The money-love relation becomes particularly problematic in sexual transactions Professional girlfriends and transactional sex 19 between farang [foreigners] and bar girls … Many girls spend periods in and out of the bar trade according to the state of their current relations with a farang who has become a “boyfriend” rather than a client’ (Hamilton 1997: 147).

While bar girl subculture provides much needed support and freedom, it is also the site from which much alcohol consumption, drug use, depression, ‘heartache’, violence and self-harming occurs. Chapter 6 considers the varied meanings of love and media depictions of romance, as well as perceptions around the importance of love within sexual relationships, ‘real’ vs. performed feelings and the imagined ‘good catch’. Through an examination of the innovative ways couples negotiate economics and pragmatic concerns alongside notions of love and desire, I am able then to highlight the general materiality of everyday sex and relationships.

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