A Scholastic Miscellany: Anselm to Ockham (Library of by Eugene R. Fairweather

By Eugene R. Fairweather

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For a general survey of the relations of Church and State, with emphasis on our period, F. Gavin, Seven Centuries of the Problem of Church and State (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1938), is excellent. G. Tellenbach, Church, State and Christian Society at the Time of the Investiture Contest (tr. and ed. R. F. Bennett, Blackwell, Oxford, 1940), is most valuable. Some illuminating essays will be found in Sacerdozio e Regno da Gregorio VII a Bonifacio VIII (Miscellanea historiae pontificiae, Vol.

48 Moreover, in his devotional writings in particular, he gives eloquent expression to his sense of the communion of Christians with the Son of God in his incarnation and Passion. Thus, if Anselm insists that only the God-Man can make acceptable satisfaction for sin, we cannot leap to the conclusion that this 43 Cf. , I, 12-13; 21-23; S. H. Mcllone, Western Christian Thought in the Middle Ages, 99 f. 44 Cf. Cur deus homo, II, 6-8. « Cf. , I, 15. •»« Cf. , I, 19; 24. « Cf. , II, 19. 48 Cf. , II, 8.

N. 39, above), so that the background of Anselm's doctrine is much more complex than the exponents of a simple "feudalist" interpretation recognize. Mclntyre's comment is relevant to the whole problem: "The Church had a long tradition of theology about penitence, and this tradition determined the kind of use its exponents made of contemporary ideas. So long as that tradition and the theological concepts associated with it remained dominant, the secular influence could only be secondary" (J. Mclntyre, St.

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