Adventure Time Crafts: Flippin' Adorable Stuff to Make from by Cartoon Network, Chelsea Bloxsom

By Cartoon Network, Chelsea Bloxsom

With Jake the puppy and Finn the human, the crafts won't ever finish! the way to sew, paint, sculpt, and crochet greater than 23 initiatives that includes your favourite experience Time™ characters. you will discover designs by means of fanatics similar to you for plush toys, stylish jewellery, artful domestic decor, and fashionable models instantly from the sweet Kingdom:

* Reversible Jake/Cake Plush
* Marceline's Axe
* Bubblegum's Like-Like Sweater
* Peppermint Butler Pillow
* Oh My Glob, Nail Art!
* Fionna and Finn Hats
* BMO's 8-Bit Fuse Bead Coasters

And much more! What the lump are you expecting? it is time to D.I.Y.!

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Shrinky Dinks®) Black permanent marker Colored pencils Scissors Hole punch Cookie sheet Parchment paper Baby powder Kitchen oven or toaster oven Book Brush-on sealant (Mod Podge®) EARRINGS ONLY Dangling earring backs Jump rings LADY RAINICORN RING ONLY Wooden dowel or marker (see notes) NOTES: • Cookie sheets, parchment paper, and baby powder are all available at the grocery store. • If you’re making another type of project (this page), you may need a key-chain ring or necklace chain and clasp.

4 Bake BMO on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet, following the polymer clay manufacturer’s recommended temperature and time. Clean the pad with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to help the charm adhere to the ring better. Leave it in for a few minutes, then place on a paper towel. 7 Once dry, use a toothpick and acrylic paints to carefully add the details, following the photo. If you mess anything up, you can erase it with a little bit of water on a piece of paper towel or cotton swab before the paint dries.

NOTE: Holding the beads on toothpicks makes it easier to work with them. 6 Use the pointy end of a toothpick dipped in paint to create mouth lines and teeth, and make circles with the blunt end of the brush for sprinkles or for eyes. 7 After you’ve added all the details you want, paint two thin, even layers of clear acrylic glaze on each bead. Rearrange the pinned beads on the cardboard until they are in the order you want for the finished bracelet (C). Make the knot thick enough that the first bead won’t fall off the elastic.

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