Agitator: The Cinema of Takashi Miike by Tom Mes

By Tom Mes

This version contains a new and elevated color part, thoroughly up to date DVD details, and several other fresh studies of Takashi Miike motion pictures that have been unavailable for assurance on the time of the book's preliminary construction.

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Agitator: The Cinema of Takashi Miike

This variation contains a new and improved color part, thoroughly up-to-date DVD details, and several other fresh experiences of Takashi Miike movies that have been unavailable for assurance on the time of the book's preliminary construction.

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Part 3 even contains two explicit winks at other al arts genre. The opening scene is an imitation of n film (complete with wirework and murky cinematoang L e e ’ s kidnapping inexplicably involves the bikers dress‘, ’ Btg up as the characters in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs (1991) and strolling out of their hide-out in a carbon copy of that film’s credit sequence (with Tomio Terada imitating CHAPTER 3 IThe WeoYears (films 1991- 1995) 57 I f Shinjuku Outlaw can be regarded as the first work of Miike as an artist, then Da&n No Gokud6 (1995) [lit: The third gangster] must be seen as the first film in which he integrates elements from his personal experiences.

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