Aircraft Engines and Systems CNATRA P-201 by NAVAL AIR TRAINING COMMAND


CNATRA P-201 - plane Engines and structures (STUDENT advisor FOR PREFLIGHT UNIT 3).. unfastened LEAF UNBOUND variation NO BINDER.

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So what did happen around the Rendlesham Forest in December 1980? Halt’s memo recorded that the first incident happened in the early hours of 27th December 1980. He wrote that two perimeter security patrolmen saw a strange light outside the back gate of RAF Woodbridge, which they thought may have been a crashed aircraft. They called their commanders for permission to investigate, and three patrolmen went to search the nearby land on foot. These three military guards reported viewing a bizarre glowing subject in the forest which appeared to be made of a metallic substance.

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UFO investigators have obtained documents which they claim reveal that an unidentified object was tracked by two US Air Defense radars on 25th August 1974. The object seemed to be entering the atmosphere from orbit, and was heading towards the United States, but veered off at the last minute and disappeared from sight over Mexico. At the same time, Mexican authorities said a light aeroplane had been lost over the area.

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