Analysis of Electrical Circuits with Variable Load Regime by A. Penin

By A. Penin

This publication introduces electrical circuits with variable rather a lot and voltage regulators. It permits to outline invariant relationships for numerous parameters of regime and circuit sections and to end up the options characterizing those circuits. Generalized an identical circuits are brought. Projective geometry is used for the translation of alterations of working regime parameters. Expressions of normalized regime parameters and their alterations are provided. handy formulation for the calculation of currents are given. Parallel voltage resources and the cascade connection of multi-port networks are defined. The two-value voltage legislation features of rather a lot with constrained energy of voltage resource is taken into account. The ebook offers the basics of electrical circuits and develops circuit theorems. it's valuable to engineers, researchers and graduate scholars who're drawn to the fundamental electrical circuit thought and the legislation and tracking of strength provide systems.

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12) is a group. Let an initial regime be given by two values I11 ; I21 . These values correspond to a segment I21 in Fig. 6. For example, this segment or increment of current I21 corresponds to a signal voltage V21 in series with a variable bias voltage VL in Fig. 7. Fig. 5 Translation of point IL1 ! IL2 ! IL3 along a line 21 32 IL 1 IL IL IL 3 2 IL IL 31 IL Fig. 6 Movement of a segment I21 21 IL21 1 I1 IL 1 I1 I21 I2 2 I21 2 I2 IL 2 Operating Regimes of an Active Two-Pole … 34 Fig. 13) is characterized by the invariant of two points uðI11 ; I21 Þ ¼ I21 À I11 , because I22 À I12 ¼ I21 À I11 : ð2:14Þ Thus, this invariant is the Euclidean distance between of two points.

Vyshaia shkola, Moskva (1996) 3. : General method of solving of problems for linear circuit at changeable resistances of branches. Elektrichestvo 9, 67–69 (1955) 4. : Constant power loads and negative impedance instability in automotive systems: definition, modeling, stability, and control of power electronic converters and motor drives. IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol. 55(4), 1112–1125 (2006) 5. : Fundamentals of Power Electronics. Springer, Berlin (2001) 6. : Introduction to Circuit Analysis and Design.

Such case conforms to Eq. 11). Fig. 3 Affine transformation VL ! IL S 1 SC IL IL IL 0 1 0 V0 VL VL S→∞ Fig. 4 Euclidean transformation VL ! 1 Volt-Ampere Characteristics of an Active Two-Pole … 33 Now we consider changes of regime; that is, how to set this change in the invariant form too. Let an initial regime be given by values IL1 ; VL1 and subsequent regime be set by IL2 ; VL2 . Let us express the subsequent value of current through the initial value. Using Eq. 3), we get IL2 ¼ IL1 þ VL1 VL2 À ¼ IL1 þ IL21 : Ri Ri ð2:12Þ The obtained transformation with a parameter IL21 translates the initial regime IL1 point into the subsequent regime IL2 point; that is, IL1 !

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